Traditional carnitas de puerco are large lumps of pork deep fat fried in a copper kettle in pork lard till crisp and brown on the outside. once the meat is cooked.

Carnitas Copper Pot For Sale

Why the copper pot ? because the copper brings a different flavor and color to the meat. this not only applies to carnitas but to anything cooked in copper.

march 22

may 24, 2011 my husband is a chef and has been looking for a good quality copper caso (pot) to cook carnitas. other than going to mexico, where can we.

How to make carnitas in a copper pot. carnitas, a traditional mexican dish made of pork, is slow-cooked until it falls apart in tender strands. it's used frequently.
The traditional way to cook carnitas is in a copper pot which disperses the heat evenly (one may use any thick-bottomed pot to get the same result). lard is used go to: ask encyclopedia · wikipedia · images · videos.

Carnitas are cooked in a large copper pot to evenly distribute the heat, this pot can handle up to about 35-40 lbs (i purchased it in 2001 for skinflint - duck.  

Carnitas is one of the famous mexican dishes which contains shredded pork that in a large pot of copper, including fifteen kilos of pork fat and fifteen kilos of engineer ventilation.
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